Electrical advice – A funny electrical story

I went to see a client last week who owns on building in Johannesburg. When I parked my car in a large basement area I noticed 50 % of the fluorescent lights were out. Thinking how dark and gloomy it was, I wondered if there was a circuit down since the darkness is always a security risk.

When I finally got chatting with the landlord he told me that a lighting expert had advised if you remove one of the lamps out of each fitting, you ll save 50 % of your electricity bill. Seems like simple Maths, but here is the actual technical data behind such an exercise;

A ballast stores electrical charge which sits inside the chassis of the fitting. This is energised when the power is on. Whether you choose to use that energy in one lamp or two does not reduce the power consumption of the fitting in its entirety.

To prove this statement, Schmidhauser Electrical connected two of the same fittings, (58 watt, double open channel fluorescents.)

One had two lamps active and the other had one. We left the fittings on for a 7 day period 24 hours a day and not surprisingly the kilowatt hour meters we had installed on each fitting read exactly the same at the end of the exercise.

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