Conserve electricity: cut down on energy bills and go green

A few simple steps can enable you to save electricity, go green and reduce your energy bills significantly. Make sure all home appliances are labelled for latest energy efficiency standards. Start from your kitchen. Operate the dishwasher when completely loaded and with cold water. Frequent heating or partial loads consume more electricity. Short wash cycles enable more energy saving.
Never overload your refrigerator or open its doors frequently. Allow it to operate at 10-20% less capacity in a place well served with air circulation. Set the temperature at required level, not too low. Cooking utensils must cover electric stove surface and do not fall short of it. Use pressure cookers and heat sensors to reduce energy consumption.

When operating microwave ovens, only out defrost food inside, else it consumes more electricity. Only cook small to medium quantity in microwaves. Wrap food in foils to save energy and time. Regularly service you home appliances and check faults. Small appliances, such as electric cattle, can be used for specific purpose and save use of stoves that consume more energy.

Use fluorescent lights that save energy and do not strain eyes. Make sure your wall painting or lamp shades do not have dark shades that call for more lighting. Air conditioning or home heating systems must be protected from dust and humidity that decrease their efficiency. Clean them regularly. Do not use television, radio and stereo at once. Place the geyser as close as possible to the electricity point.

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