Electrician in JHB

Electricians in JHB – Schmidhauser Electrical has maintained an admirable reputation by giving their customers outstanding service. Our Swiss roots, hailing from St. Gallen, Switzerland, make us the epitome of the stamp of Swiss precision; meticulous, precise and on time.

Master Electrician, Daniel is the latest Schmidhauser steering this family business by guaranteeing after-sales and maintenance warrantees. He personally inspects on all the workmanship and promises SABS guaranteed products.

We are the leaders in industrial, residential and commercial sectors for all electrical services – with unrivalled maintenance packages.
We boast an expert team that is on call around the clock, in all weathers, as far as our services are needed, to meet our clients’ needs. We deliver on time, on point service that is affordable, within budget and highly professional.

Contact us today to experience professional service like no other – the best!

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