Ensure electricity safety at home

Ensure that you do not face any safety problems caused by electricity at home. Carry on routine safety inspections for breakages, faulty appliances, missing parts and loose fittings at regular intervals. Signs of overheating or equipment tears can cause accidents. You must repair them at the earliest. Take adequate precautions for possible safety problems while using home appliances.

Always go for electricity equipment with labels and complying with standard certifications. Users must be aware of the basics of using plugs safely and sockets of required capacity. Never overload a plug or extension cord. Keep electricity wires and plugs away from children. Ensure cords have no breakage or scratches and they are not damaged due to overheating.

Never allow electricity to come into contact with water and cause short circuits. By not touching equipments with wet hand you can prevent shocks. Your home should be built at a safe distance from electrical sub-stations, power lines and pylons.

Senior citizens are vulnerable to electricity accidents. They must maintain safe distance and refrain from touching any appliance that they think dangerous. Immediately switch off the main switch, if you find any transmission fault at home and seek expert help for repairing.

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