How to change a lightbulb

No need to call for an expert to change a light bulb. Changing electricity lightbulbs is very simple and you only need to keep certain precautions in mind. Just follow the following steps in order.

Step 1: Ensure that you have the right replacement. Identify if it has a screw to unlock or it is directly inserted and procure tools accordingly. Keep a torch with you. If possible, use rubber gloves or clothes to make sure you do not receive any electricity shock caused by leakages.

Step 2: Turn off the bulb switch, remove plugs, if any, and also, as a precautionary measure, switch off the mains. Put on rubber shoes or stand on a wood.

Step 3: Take out the faulty bulb and carefully put the new ball at the right place. Tweak it slowly until the pins fit into their slots. For screw types, turn the bulb clock-wise to fit it tightly in the socket.

Step 4: Now switch on the mains and turn on the bulb switch. Ensure that the old bulb is discarded safely.

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