How to deal with electrical shocks

Never panic if any of your loved ones suffer from electrical shock or accident. Immediately turn off the appliance switch thats causing the shock or the main switch that regulates the electricity transmission at home. Remove the victim in contact with the appliance that cause the electricity shock and remove the plug as soon as possible.

Cover your hands with dry newspaper, wood, cloth or rubber gloves while pushing the shock victim away to prevent electricity transmission to your body. Refrain from touching any metal or wet parts linked to electricity flow.

Administer the first aid if injuries caused by shock or electricity accident are grave. Allow him to rest and check his pulse. Ensure the heart beat rate remains normal and the patient does not suffer from short breathing or breathlessness. If the condition of the victim worsens, call your doctor or move him to the nearest hospital.

Do not put ointment or water on electricity accident injuries. Keep them covered with a sterilized bandage rather.

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