How to save on your electric bill – Schmidhauser Electrical

The company has carved out a satisfied industrial and domestic customer base over the years thanks to its use of advanced technology, latest expertise and quick support facility.
Electrical maintenance, installation, and servicing by Schmidhauser Electrical assure industries and domestic customers save 30 to 50 percent on their energy bills. This is a big boost to many businesses looking to cut expenditure and boost profitability. Comprehensive audit and inspection enable experts to identify faults and replace them with latest equipment that consumes less energy and are economical. Technological superior power factor analysis and correction by the company enhances safety and life of equipment. This becomes helpful in getting green tags, the latest showcase in business marketing.

Schmidhauser Electrical offers round-the-clock services for all your electrical needs. Its expertise in supply upgrading, strategic power maintenance and energy surveys assist consumers in getting ESKOM rebates without much hassle.

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