Infrared electrical inspection services

Infrared electrical inspection services – Schmidhauser Electrical has joined the league of elite electrical companies across the world that uses Infrared Thermal Imaging for efficiency and safety inspection of homes, offices, and factories. Very few companies in South Africa has the infrastructure and staff to introduce the technology widely accepted as the highest standard to find out faults and leakages obstructing efficiency in electricity utilization.

Modern electrical equipment and wirings are delicate enough and require hi-tech gadgets to test and maintain them. Qualified personnel using Infrared Thermal Imaging techniques can pierce through electrical equipments and wiring areas impossible to view through naked eyes. An analysis of heat signatures generated through infrared imaging helps interpret conditions effectively and carry on repairing accordingly.

With a track record of offering technically superior and the most advanced electrical products and services in South Africa, the company stands by its focus on quality and credible consumer service. It employs the technology to inspect and audit electrical efficiency accurately, identify leakages and level of hazards, prevent fire, analyse equipment state and improve efficiencies, find out bottlenecks in electrical circuits and tripping and assure consumers trouble free and efficient electricity utilization.

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