Infrared Thermal Technology, a new technology that could save you money

A fairly new technology in South Africa, infrared thermal imaging is the use of expert equipment in order to see the infrared spectrum. Schmidhauser Electrical is one of the few electrical companies in South Africa currently utilising this technology, although it is mandatory in other parts of the world.

Using this new technology, Schmidhauser Electrical can give clients a comprehensive report, allowing them to plan and budget for electrical maintenance. A qualified operator, a Thermographer, can make accurate interpretations of what is happening with your power inside the wall based on the heat signatures. Thermography makes it possible to see one’s environment with or without visible illumination. The current energy crisis in South Africa makes infrared thermal imaging a very appealing option. By detecting heat loss through windows, doors, roofs and poor insulation, a home owner will know where to take steps to reduce this energy loss.

Infrared Thermal Technology, a new technology that could save you moneyFor Schmidhauser Electrical, this new science allows the thermographer to eliminate potentially expensive and dangerous hazards; improvement in machine efficiencies by identifying cooling system inefficiencies; prevention of a fire before it starts, thus saving you money as the annual detection of fire hazards will reduce your insurance premiums. The range of applications is unlimited.

Electricity is an extremely flexible form of energy, and it may be adapted to a huge, and growing, number of uses, it can also be very dangerous, if not used or maintained properly. Infrared Thermal Imaging can give you a comprehensive report about electrical imbalances that lead to high electricity bills and tripping and it is also used to spot and solve other abnormalities.

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