Low cost superior electrical maintenance services

Schmidhauser Electrical offers low cost, superior maintenance services for consumers.
Are you worried over huge electricity bills or your meter reading seems to be incorrect? Are looking for expert maintenance of your electrical supply and equipment? Schmidhauser Electrical provides quality and on-budget maintenance services befitting all consumer requirements. The company that traces its roots to Switzerland and has astute technological support ensures that your electrical supply and equipment remain steady and long lasting while saving energy expenditure wherever possible.

Schmidhauser Electrical has dedicated industrial, domestic and commercial divisions that serve their respective clients with prudence. The staff remains ever-ready to provide electrification, certification, inspection, repairing, rewiring and installation testing services. Consumers can get cost-effective meter analysis, equipment repairing, LED installation, energy saving and maintenance services with support from the company.

Schmidhauser Electrical with its 24-hours standby assistance provides emergency call out assistance in real-time basis for power failures and earth leakage repairs. Consumers can count on its advice for lighting design, house or office rewiring, adopting energy saving ways and purchase of new electrical equipment.

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