Meter power quality analyzer

Worried over your fast moving electrical meter? Do you think your monthly electricity bill is much higher than your utilization? Install a Meter Power Quality Analyzer at your home, offices and factories to make sure that you do not pay for more than what your electrical usage is. A must-have tool to counter large-scale meter fault complaints, the functions of Schmidhauser Electrical’s Meter Power Quality Analyzers include,

  • Exact measuring of power consumed over a long period
  • Precise identification and monitoring of peak draws and dips
  • Dirty power assessment and recording
  • Strict RMS voltage and power measurement
  • Display of power oscillation in wave analysis format
  • Record of statistical analysis and value calculations

Hi-tech and advanced Meter Power Quality Analyzers offered by Schmidhauser Electrical deciphers your exact use, identifies meter anomalies, and assists consumers calculate their exact usage. The device coupled with Infrared Thermal Imaging inspection services offered by Schmidhauser Electrical enables perfect audit of electricity consumption allowing you to plan your usage and budget and stop paying anything extra.

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