Power Failures: How to Manage It?

Electricity has become an essential part of our lives. However, there are incidents we may face with regards to electricity failures. There may be several factors, such as an overload leading to tripping, transmission failures, weather, storms, vandalism or faults that result in sudden outage impacting all our activities bringing them to halt.

Please don’t panic in such situations. You need to follow a few steps to manage power failures, be it at your home or office.
– Check if the power failure is only at your place or in the entire neighborhood.
– If the problem is only at your home or office, locate your mains switch, the controlling box for all your electricity internal transmission.
– Check the mains for fuse tripping or wiring burnt-out. Before opening the box, pull the liver down or switch off the board.
– Upon finding a fault or tripping, correct it immediately. Use reliable equipment.
– Do not touch any switch or plug, if you are not aware of the basics. Immediately call an expert electrician to fix the fault.
If the whole neighborhood is in dark, call the authorities responsible for transmission and restoration of electricity services in your area.

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