Power roll outs at Melrose Arch – Johannesburg

Running a national electrical company gives you a leading edge on respective municipalities and how they run their electricity departments.

Having said that, it would be fair to say the Johannesburg grid is undeniably the most unstable and in particular in between Athol Oaklands and Corlett drive – Melrose Arch.
Apart from the precinct being the fourth largest consumer of electricity in the greater Johannesburg area, you think preferential treatment would prevail! Not a chance.

Melrose-ArchThe last horror story was an High tension cable that blew up whilst they were trying to repair it. An instruction from metro power was to shut the entire lines leaving rolling black outs on the precinct and surrounds. A week later that same joint blew.

Jhb. City power may be under staffed, grids over loaded, poor workmanship – call it what you will – but if you work in Johannesburg – best get yourself a good back up solution!

Cape Town on the other hand has plenty power and the last black out in the cbd area was a distant memory. Ie: getting a generator in the Cape Town cbd area is potentially unecessary. At peak times Cape Town has been known to divert excess power on their grid to other cities (now that’s nuclear power of course from Koeberg, but still, it does the job!)

although, lets not forget when our happy Eskom worker dropped a bolt in the reactor about 3 years ago and blew up the stator. A new one had to be flown in from France. The papers made a riot out of that of course. Cape Town business’s went into shock mode and bought every conceivable back up solution there was. Needles to say, they lie dormant collecting rust and sea air.

Next chapter – Durban!

Who supplies my electricity?

Distributor Contact Details
Eskom We have introduced an easy to remember national ShareCall number. Dial
08600ESKOM on a phone with an alphanumeric keypad. Alternatively, dial 0860037566 if
your phone does not have an alphanumeric keypad.Regional ShareCall and Telephone Numbers
Braamfontein – 0860110124  : 0117113001
Westville – 0860204560  :  0312045793
Polokwane – 0860100304  :  0152990700
Witbank –  0860001414  : 0136935000
Bloemfontein – 0860535535  : 0514045000
East London – 086040014  : 0437035270
Bellville – 0860037566 : 0219153202

If you are a customer of one of the Distributors mentioned below, Eskom cannot
assist you with a supply, account queries, electricity supply problems, or other
enquiries. You will have to contact your supplier directly. We recommend that
you check your electricity account to verify who your supplier is, and to
confirm their contact details.

Buffalo City 
Municipality of

East London, King Williamstown and Bisho
Open weekdays 7am to 8pm 

City of Cape Town 0860125006 http://www.capetown.gov.za

City of Johannesburg 0113755555
Emergency: 0113755911

eThekwini Electricity


Metro information 0800331011 
Electricity failure: 
Southern region 0801313001 
Central region 0801313111 
Northern region 0801313140 
Street lights 0800331022 
Water accounts 0801311811 
Water faults 0801313013 
Sewer blockages and leaks 0800323235 
Traffic signal faults 0800333467 

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan (Alberton, Eastern Gauteng and Springs) http://www.ekurhuleni.com

City Power Johannesburg For any city query  0113755555
For any emergency  0113755911

Mangaung Local Municipality (Bloemfontein) Power Failure:  0514092345 
Metering problems:  0514092333 
Account Information:  0514058175 / 8276 
Customer Care: 0514092308 
New Connections: 0514092253 
Tampering: 0514092309 
Botshabelo: 0515344151 
Southern Free State: 0860101271 

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
Municipality (Port Elizabeth)
Customer Service Electricity:  Port Elizabeth Area
Munelek, Harrower Road – 0413924162
New Brighton, Ntshekisa Road – 0414544344
Struandale, Struan Way – 0414534159
Motherwell, Addo Rd – 0414611725
Zwide, Johnson Rd – 0414641992

Polokwane Municipality 



Msunduzi Municipality 


Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (Pretoria) Contact the webmaster 
Email enquiries: 
General enquiries and service problems 
Account enquiries 
Electricity Tariff enquiries only http://www.tshwane.gov.za


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