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Electricity is an important part of today’s modern society; it plays a part in everything, from our subconscious fear of darkness, to the more practical need of light to enable us to be productive in our industrialised world. What would you do if you were suddenly plunged into darkness?

Schmidhauser ElectricalSchmidhauser Electrical, ranked among the top and most advanced electricity services providers in South Africa is known for its high quality and professional competence. With operations all over Southern Africa, Schmidhauser Electrical is a family-run business with its roots based in Switzerland that has maintained a reputation for outstanding service and the highest levels of expertise, for over three generations. Schmidhauser Electrical, keeping to their promise of a personalised service, has helped the business grow into a successful countrywide enterprise. With the company’s Swiss background, you can be assured of their level of precision; always meticulous, precise, within budget and professional. Available 24-hours a day, with impeccable after-sales and maintenance packages, Schmidhauser Electrical is always on.

Schmidhauser Electrical does electrical inspections and fixes troublesome, unsafe and faulty electrical installations. Services offered include industrial, commercial and domestic services, and clients range from small homes to big factories and multinational companies throughout Africa. Services offered differ from client to client. For domestic clients, services include inspection of electrical insulation to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones.

Commercial clients include the maintenance of service contracts. To avoid unnecessary downtime, Schmidhauser Electrical maintains and cleans power to tenants and retail stores. The use of products graded according to SABS specifications ensures that the work done is of a good quality and will last longer.

Other services include thermal imaging; an imaging science that ensures electrical safety and efficiency for the most accurate and comprehensive electrical inspection for your business.

Contact Schmidhauser Electrical, where no job is too big or too small, and discover service excellence.

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