Schmidhauser Electrical Comes In Aid Of The Rhino

Poaching has reached unprecedented heights. As of the end of Sept 2014, 787 Rhinos have been poached this year alone. 10 years ago, however, the picture was vastly different; a mere 25 rhinos were poached a year. In 2011, the number had increased exponentially, with over 440 rhinos poached, according to stats.

In a bid to curb the assault on our beautiful rhino, My Rhino, through ceramic design and art work, aims to raise funds, create awareness and add colour to the plight of the rhino. Working with a number of talented Southern African artists, My Rhino hosted an auction at Hyde Park Corner on 2nd of October 2014, the proceeds of which will go towards the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Along with sponsors and incredible support from various organisations, including Schmidhauser Electrical, My Rhino hopes that the decor item creates the awareness necessary to save these beautiful creatures.

my rhino

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is a registered non-profit organisation that is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa to the benefit of all people. A leader and high-profile player in the arena of conservation, the organisation identifies the key factors threatening biodiversity and develops innovative methodologies and best practice guidelines to reduce these and promote harmonious co-existence and sustainable living for both people and wildlife.

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