The trauma centre for survivors of violence and torture in Woodstock and Schmidhauser Plumbing & electrical  welcome Tumi the talking tiger

The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture in Woodstock is a non-governmental organisation established nearly twenty years ago to support South Africa in becoming a non-violent society with a respect for human rights.

Survivors of social crime, political violence, torture and other cruel inhumane and degrading treatment are able to access psychosocial services that are appropriate and relevant to their needs.

Maguirite Holtzhausen, the Director of the centre, said that frontline workers are exposed daily to trauma caused by violence and the centre provides effective channels to combat vicarious trauma and burn-out.

They also provide extensive training for Police Officers involved in Trauma Counselling and Victim Empowerment Volunteers at Police Stations.

Local Electrical and Plumbing Specialists, Schmidhauser, have generously supported the Woodstock SAPS Victim Empowerment programme in the past by donating Rape Care Kits, upgrading the Trauma rooms and are now getting more involved with The Trauma Centre by donating a number of Tumi Tigers.

Mr Schmidhauser said “our business has been run successfully by our family for 3 generations on the foundation of family, care, support, kindness, community and unconditional giving and this is a time when we ALL have to do whatever it takes to care for each other and especially those in need”

Tumi is the talking Tiger that children love to hear and is designed for children who face life with trauma, illness, poverty and disability, to counsel, comfort and encourage.

Tumi is characterised as a Tiger Cub and addresses and engages the child as an interactive playmate.

The child learns and is guided through Tumi’s 38 stories of adventure while sharing important knowledge, values and skills that are essential for personal, social, emotional and physical growth for ALL children as well as being self-empowering.

The stories cover life skills such as power, post-traumatic stress syndrome, sexual assault, forgiveness, grieving and well-being.

Research shows that stuffed animals can bring physical and emotional comfort to children and adults who have gone through trauma and pain and Tumi is just the cub to cuddle.

Tumi also also makes tiger mood noises such as purring or aaahhh’s after giving and receiving tiger hugs.

The pouch on the Tumi’s tummy holds the robust easy to use solar rechargeable MP3 player that is Tumi’s voice box. The stories are in English and Afrikaans with adaptations in other languages being explored.

Steven Rosenbaum and Isabella Bisogno, the creators of the luxe street fashion designer label Rosey & Vittori donated funky tiger print masks for the counsellors and children to wear.

Steve Rosenbaum commented that they have been working tirelessly to donate not only countless face masks to underprivileged communities but have donated R20 000 to “Cans with Purpose” and general PPE and continue to assist their communities wherever possible.

The donation was received by the Director of the Centre Maguirite Holtzhausen and was facilitated by Schmidhauser’s Organisational Psychologist Heather Kirkwood, Dan Schmidhauser from Schmidhauser Electrical and Plumbing, Melody Brits from Global Recording Southern Africa and Steven Rosenbaum from Rosey & Vittori.

This is a joint project with Global Recordings Network Southern Africa (GRNSA) as audio producer, partnering with Home of Creativity and Megavoice.

You can be part of this project and support a child in need by sponsoring a gentle Talking Tumi Tiger, visit or visit Tumi Tiger Gallery on Facebook.

As a non-governmental organisation, The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture needs all the assistance it can get and would truly appreciate any contributions.

If you are interested in donating, please contact them on +27214657373 or

                          Schmidhauser is an Essential Service and always operates 24/7

             Call+27 21 424 4588, Hotline 0800 029 999, E-mail:


The trauma centre for survivors of violence and torture in Woodstock  and Schmidhauser Plumbing & electrical  welcome Tumi the talking tiger