The Haven Night Shelter

The Haven Night Shelter in Green Point has had a much needed upgrade in phase one of generous support by local specialists Schmidhauser Electrical and Plumbing.

The bathrooms were in a dire state, and now offer fresh, dignified facilities which will, over time, be complimented by more upgrades to the rest of the establishment.

To assist with the day-to-day expenses, Schmidhauser Electrical and Plumbing also handed over a cheque for R15 000 which will go a long way to alleviate the hardships of the homeless and vulnerable in Cape Town.

The Haven Night Shelter was established in 1978 and provide temporary shelter, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, physical care and support to adults living on the streets who are committed to reintegration.

Business owner, Daniel Schmidhauser said “our business has been run successfully for three generations on the foundation of family, care, support, kindness, community and upliftment. Due to Covid and with winter fast approaching it is paramount that we take care of the homeless and promote community awareness of the social problems arising out of destitution”

Schmidhauser sent in their teams of expert electricians and plumbers and have begun the process of further upgrading the shelter.

Buti Mntuwempi is the shelters manager along with four hosts, a fieldworker and a social-worker. He said, “The Haven Night Shelter is more than a bed; we help people end their homelessness. We are grateful for the support to create a dignified shelter to enable more people to join their families and communities”

Schmidhauser and their staff hosted an event on Monday 3rd May 2021 at The Haven Night Shelter in Green Point, whey distributed refreshments, food and an array of gifts to the ninety-six residents and staff as well as handing over the cheque, and look forward to assisting more in the near future.
Schmidhauser encourages all business to become involved in their communities and support those less fortunate than themselves.

Schmidhauser is an essential service operating 24/7 in the Western Cape and specialising in Electrical, plumbing and all aspects of COC.

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